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Crossroads Inn




Please note: 4 oz and 8 oz sizes are now listed separately, in order to lower shipping costs. Crossroads Inn RPG Candle | Wood Wick, Soy | Gaming Nerdy Geeky Scents for DnD Pathfinder Tavern | Decor of Thrones | Fantasy Fan Book Gift

Experience the quintessential fantasy tavern: slightly sweet woodsmoke greets you as you open the door. A simmering stew hangs over the fire. You find an empty space at a worn wood table and tear into the sliced crusty bread and withered apples. Over a flagon of ale, you strike up a conversation with a local–perhaps you’ll learn something to help you on your quest…

Scent: Crackling fire, slightly sweet woodsmoke, a hint of stew, and a splash of our own Barliman’s Ale.

This is the perfect background for an RPG tavern or inn scene. (You’ll have to provide your own Hound and/or Mysterious Stranger in a Corner.) Thrones fans will also enjoy the subtle nod to the series. A great Fall or Winter scent.

Epic Adventure candles were developed to accompany favorite Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, and Adventure games and books. Each scent is hand-blended and poured into themed tins and “potion jars” featuring fantasy-style maps and cork tops. Crackling wood wicks bring to mind the hearths and torches of fantasy worlds, completing the immersive experience. They’re the perfect gift for bookworms, gamers & geeks!

This listing is for a 4 oz size tin= 1-3/4” h x 2-9/16” w = approx. 3.8 oz wax weight = 24-30 hrs. burn time. (Suitable for a very small space.)
This scent is also available in larger 8 oz gold tins under a separate listing. Custom-made 12 oz “potion” jars can be ordered under “Choose Your Epic Adventure”.

4 oz size tin= 1-3/4” h x 2-9/16” w = approx. 3.8 oz wax weight = 24-30 hrs. burn time
8 oz size tin = 2” h x 3-1/8” w = approx. 7 oz wax weight = 48-56 hrs. burn time
12 oz size jar with cork lid= 4-3/4” h x 3-1/4” w = approx. 10.5 oz wax weight = 60-70 hrs. burn time
Weight, crackle, and burn time vary slightly by fragrance.

Priority Mail: Tracked, Insured, 1-3 days
First Class: Tracked, NOT insured, 1-5 days, must be < 1 lb.
(Does not include our processing time.)

Soy wax is unlike common petroleum-based wax–it has “memory”! To maintain an even melt, try not to extinguish your candle before the wax pool has reached the edge.
For optimal crackle, trim off (or break off with your fingers) the black burned portion relighting. 1/8-1/4″ length is perfect. And don’t leave the char in the candle…the eye of Sauron is upon you.

—>If you have any questions, please message us on Etsy—we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

**DOUBLE-CHECK SHIPPING ADDRESS, PLEASE! Per Etsy policy, seller is not responsible for incorrectly-entered addresses nor postal service delays, and we want you to get your loot ASAP! ****

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